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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants


Large industrial wastewater treatment plants work particularly well in the treatment of major loads of wastewater with uneven inflow. These devices will be applicable in accommodation facilities: hotels, motels, hostels, as well as wedding houses, schools, multi-apartment buildings and residential developments, rest and service areas, as well as production halls. In most general terms – they prove useful in the places where wastewater originates from other sources than the households themselves.


The solids present the sewage are deposited in the primary settling tank. These impurities settle on the bottom creating sediment. Moreover, the settling tank partially retains oil derivatives. In the case of catering facilities, where wastewater is marked by an excessive amount of fat, the use of appropriate separators is required. The mammoth pump ensures recirculation of excess activated sludge from the secondary settling tank. The device can be additionally equipped with an automatic chemical dispenser to enhance its performance.


Industrial wastewater treatment plants are characterized by increased resistance to chemicals. Their modular design allows you to expand the system, depending on your personal needs and preferences. The high quality of the materials used ensures not only the stability of the cleaning process but also the tightness or mechanical strength of the system. Easy and intuitive control allows permanent monitoring of the operation of the device. It is also worth noting that the device has a quiet operation. Network wastewater treatment plants are based on energy-saving solutions, which translate to low operating costs.