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About us

ROTO-AQUA GROUP is a family company whose overarching objective is to improve the quality of the hydrological environment surrounding us. We specialise in design and manufacture of high-quality solutions from the water and sewage industry, with particular emphasis on private onsite, residential and industrial wastewater treatment systems and wastewater treatment plants, rainwater management systems, process tanks, hydrocarbon/grease separators (lamellar and coalescent) as well as acid neutralisers, water meter vaults and many other products.

Why us?

Roto-Aqua Group specialise in design and production of high-quality solutions in the water and sewer trade.

Our products are based on modern technologies and are characterized by high quality and functionality.

We have qualified technological facilities thanks to which we prepare and implement the full production process of a given product.

Thanks to many years of experience and many realized products, we execute orders both efficiently and precisely.

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