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Acid neutralisers


Acid neutralisers are used mainly in sewage systems. Contrary to popular belief, these devices will work perfectly not only at chemical laboratories. Their presence is necessary wherever there is just a small risk of spillage of mineral acids. An example here can be a battery room. It should be noted that it is forbidden to introduce blackwater and rainwater into a neutraliser. When dealing with the so-called wastewater with variable pH, it is recommended to use a pH correction system.


The main aim of acid neutralisers is neutralisation of acids found in wastewater. These devices are not installed in the system itself, but upstream of the main inlet. There are many places whose specificity makes the owner install a neutraliser. Among the most popular ones are chemical laboratories, the aforesaid battery rooms as well as warehouses where battery-powered machines work (e.g. forklift trucks). Acid neutralisers are classified within the group of flow devices. Wastewater with acids contained in it flows into a special sedimentation part where the process of sedimentation takes places, i.e. precipitation of a mineral suspension occurs. Subsequently, the acidic fraction is transported to a neutralisation chamber where the neutralisation reaction takes places.


An unquestionable advantage of neutralisers offered by us is the multitude of available solutions. A correctly selected device will lend itself perfectly well to installation in areas covered with vegetation/along circulation paths as well as installation as a standalone neutraliser – for indoor applications. What is noteworthy is the wide range of optional accessories. Depending on the needs, it is possible to equip our devices with special pH measurement sondes with real-time GPS monitoring, an emergency system for dosing reactants (pH value correction), a mechanical ventilation system or rolling systems (integrated directly with the neutraliser). The whole system has been made out of high-quality materials additionally protected against corrosion. These devices are characterised by a long service life.