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Separators coalescent


Coalescent hydrocarbon separators perform a major role in separation of a mineral suspension and petroleum derivatives (such as oil, petrol or grease) from rainwater and process wastewater. These devices are used in car washes, vehicle disassembly stations and also in other places where the so-called industrial wastewater is common, i.e. wastewater which requires special wastewater receivers due to its form. The coalescent hydrocarbon separators will also work perfectly in treatment of waste from car parks, manoeuvre yards, roads and motorways, petrol stations, etc. Generally speaking, they will be useful wherever there is a risk of contamination of rainwater or snowmelt with oily substances.


The coalescent hydrocarbon separators offered by us work using the difference in density of hydrocarbons relative to water. Many phenomena take part in the process of treatment – not only coalescence, but also sedimentation and flotation. The suspension, which gets created in the separators themselves, is subsequently filtered out. Wastewater is deposited in the part responsible for separation, whereas larger molecules move towards the surface. A special filter and valve prevent impurities from leaking out. Filtered wastewater is discharged directly into a drain through a siphon. Coalescent inserts located in the separators not only speed up the outflow of drops of petroleum derivatives, but are also conducive to their merging into a larger suspension.


Coalescent hydrocarbon separators are extremely practical systems whose quality makes it easier to use them in any possible field conditions. Polyethylene models can be embedded in ground used for vehicle traffic as well as in green areas with light development. The entire system is characterised by maximum tightness and resistance to the action of external agents such as corrosion. Since these devices are light and handy, neither their transport or installation are much of a problem.