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Non return flap valwes

A flap valve is used in piping and drainage systems. It can be used both as a grid or an end-of-line device. It is used to protect against the return of water or sewage back to the installation. Non-return flap valves can be installed at the outlets of drainage systems or drainage culverts (for land drainage channels and natural water courses) for drain troughs with variable surface levels.

A non-return flap valve operates automatically as a result of a difference in pressure that affects the surfaces inside the disc of the device. The flap closed in the rest position opens in the case of greater water pressure on the side of the sewer network, and it is closed in the case of greater water pressure on the side of the recipient. With proper balancing, it does not impede the draining of the sewage from the sewer network.

Non-return flap valves are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE K), a material characterised by resistance to corrosion, as well as the effect of harmful sewage. They meet all the requirements for plastics used in the development of network systems. Non-return flap valves are supplied as the equipment to be installed at the head concrete wall of the sewage or drainage collector. They can also be adapted for a flanged or coupler connection with the existing drainage system. Flap valves adjusted to the existing fitting conditions can be supplied on individual order.