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Lamella separators


Lamellar separators separate petroleum derivatives using the processes of flotation and sedimentation. These devices will prove useful in places exposed to contamination with petroleum derivatives – in car parks, manoeuvre yards, plants, industrial areas, logistics centres and airports as well as on roads and motorways.


Water, which has been contaminated with petroleum derivatives, flows through a storm water system and enters the device through a special inlet chamber. Multilayer flow of contaminated water through special lamellar filters leads to its treatment, i.e. impurities get separated from the water. The treated wastewater flows into the outlet chamber.


Lamellar separators are characterised by high mechanical strength. They provide maximum tightness which has a significant impact on the improvement of ecological safety. These devices can be installed in any place – in urban areas/on a road near designated facilities. Lamellar separators show high efficiency of operation. A series of tests has confirmed their safety with regard to possible washout of petroleum derivatives at maximum flow. The device is not only easy to use, but also easy to transport and install.