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Inspection chambers

Polyethylene manholes and inspection chambers constitute a perfect alternative to inexpensive yet heavyweight and relatively delicate wells made of traditional materials.

They are intended for use in internal sanitary and rainwater gravitational sewerage systems as inspection, inlet and sediment trap manholes. They can be used wherever manholes made of traditional materials apply, as their alternative.

Manhole chambers possess specifically shaped sockets used to install manhole steps made of stainless steel protected against slippage (manholes).

Depending on its location, the manhole top consists of a polyethylene cover or exculpatory ring, cover plate or cast iron manway class A, B, C or D for traffic areas, depending on the load class.

The top elements are not parts of an inspection chamber, they constitute inseparable elements and they include:

– exculpatory ring,
– cover plate,
– cast iron manway DN 600 of suitable class /A, B, C or D/


• mechanical durability,
• flexibility,
• high corrosion resistance,
• resistance to aggressive sewage,
• resistance to cracks,
• low deadweight,
• low abrasiveness,
• full tightness,
• low cost, savings due to the lack of necessity to use heavy machinery at the construction site.