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Industrial sewage slope


Industrial and residential wastewater lifting plants will be perfect for disposal of wastewater from industrial facilities and residential estates. In accordance with their design, these devices are intended for fast and efficient disposal of municipal wastewater and blackwater as well as subsoil water, rainwater, drainage water and other types of water to larger distances or lifting of these types of wastewater to a higher level. Industrial and residential wastewater lifting plants prove useful wherever terrain, high level of groundwater or considerable distance from the dump station significantly hinder the use of traditional gravitational systems.


Due to the necessity to process a much larger quantity of wastewater than household wastewater lifting plants, the so-called pumping system, using from one to several pumps, is utilised in the operation of industrial or residential wastewater lifting plants. It should be noted that in no way does the volume of flow to a tank determine the optimum operation of pumps in a hydraulic system. Devices, which are switched on periodically, are responsible for stability and efficiency. They are located in the tank, i.e. in the wastewater lifting plant's body. In the case of residential wastewater lifting plants, pumping systems utilising two pumps are predominant, mainly as part of an alternating operation system where one pump is a reserve. Similarly to household wastewater lifting plants, industrial models are responsible for collection of wastewater in special tanks and subsequent pumping of wastewater through pipelines to sewers of a sewage system or a sewage treatment plant.


Industrial and residential wastewater lifting plants are characterised by a relatively simple construction and high build quality. This is of particular importance primarily with regard to their use and subsequent servicing. An unquestionable advantage from the business viewpoint is the ability to use in the pumping system equipment made by any manufacturer (meeting given standards and parameters), which contributes to the effectiveness of operation of the whole system. High build quality as well as use of carefully selected materials allow installation of an industrial or residential wastewater lifting station in an area with vehicle traffic as well. Each device is supplied fully-equipped – in a version previously chosen by the Customer. The basic equipment allows automatic and trouble-free work of a wastewater lifting plant. Operation of the presented solution does not require any specialist knowledge.