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Homework of sewage slopes


The main function of a private onsite wastewater lifting plant is pumping of municipal wastewater and blackwater as well as subsoil water, rainwater, drainage water and other types of water to larger distances or lifting of these types of wastewater to a higher level. These devices are useful wherever it is impossible to use gravitational systems, i.e. in the case of adverse terrain, high level of groundwater or large distance to the dump station. The wastewater lifting plants offered by us will do a fine job in households, small communities of neighbours, sports facilities, resorts and hostels as well as industrial plants.


The operation of a wastewater lifting plant is very simple. Wastewater produced in a given building/facility – a household, a housing community, an industrial plant, etc. – runs off to a wastewater lifting plant tank located in close proximity and then, using a special submersible pump, it is pumped to sewers of a sewage system or directly to the indicated sewage treatment plant.


Private onsite wastewater lifting plants are characterised by low weight and small dimensions. Since they are light and handy, neither their transport or, at the same time, installation are much of a problem. The product is supplied fully-equipped which makes it possible to use it straight away – the specification depends on the Customer's preference. The wastewater lifting plants presented by us are of high quality – rustproof and impact-resistant tank design works fine in virtually any place.