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Flow regulators

A flow regulator is a device designed so as to ensure constant outflow, regardless of the level of water at the outlet. These devices are used in networks, regulating the flow of storm waters.

They are mostly used in structures like:
• storm water chambers
• storm water overflows
• storm water holding tanks,
• storm water sewer networks,
• water treatment devices
The flow regulators offered are designed and adapted to individual customer needs based on the required flow and water lifting height.

Our systems consist of:
• Inlet
• Stream vortexing chamber
• Outlet to pipeline connection
• Optional collar for installation on a tank

Hydrostatic pressure in the controlled tank increases proportionate to the height of the liquid column. The water vortex formed in the vortexing chamber increases with the increase of hydrostatic pressure. The increase of vortex in the chamber results in the formation of return streams blocking the flow, which do not exceed the limit flow to the given height.

The flow regulator is made entirely of 304 stainless steel or other depending on the customer’s requirements.