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Fat separators


A fat separator is a device intended for fast and efficient collection of excessive amounts of fats present in sewage. Properly installed, they prevent the penetration of fats into sanitary sewerage systems, local sewerage systems as well as small water treatment plants. These separators have been applied primarily in the catering industry, as well as in associated branches. They are installed at restaurants, pubs and cafes, mass caterers, as well as food processing plants such as bakeries, confectioners, or butcher shops. The use of a fat separator greatly facilitates wastewater treatment, and it additionally protects sewage pipes and the system itself from deposits.


Fat separators operate similarly to hydrocarbon separators. Their operation is based primarily on gravitation and density differential. Waste flowing through the device is separated – fat floats on the surface. Its individual particles form a thick suspension whereas heavier parts accumulate in the form of deposit on the bottom of the container. The type of fat separator depends on the target amount of waste and its nature (density).


The devices presented are made of high quality materials. Robust and durable, they will work in both road areas as well as within a light building development of a green area. The whole system is not only characterised by maximum tightness, but it is also resistant to external factors, including corrosion. Fat separators are lightweight, which directly translates into ease of transport and installation.