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Development of rainwater


A rainwater management system is a practical solution created with all those in mind who prefer an economical mode of life. The whole system works on the basis of effective use of rainwater. Depending on the selected device and additional instrumentation, rainwater can be used not only in the garden, but also at home.


The rainwater management system in its basic version consists of a rainwater tank connected to a gutter system, a basket strainer, a pump and a container with a draw-off tap. Various volumes and additional equipment enable anyone to find without much difficulty the product tailored to the needs of their household. This device will work both in the garden (watering of plants and lawns, ornamental pond water supply), garage (washing of a car) and at home (in toilets, urinals, washing machines or for washing of balconies and terraces).


Our rainwater management system has numerous advantages. First and foremost, it allows significant reduction of costs resulting from potable water drawn from the water supply network (even up to 50%). It is not only a cheap solution, but also an eco-friendly one. Easy to use sets enable fast water collection for the purposes of garden care or everyday household chores. What should also be mentioned is the build quality of the rainwater management systems that we offer. A robust polyethylene tank is conducive to trouble-free operation of the device for many long years.